This comprehensive health and fitness screening programme is aimed at the thorough screening of men and women in the corporate world, particularly senior members of companies who have a particularly high prevalence of risk factors for chronic disease. This early risk factor screening, coupled with appropriate intervention strategies, serves as a means of assuring healthy company leadership.

There are at least three main reasons why your company should consider participating in an Executive Health Programme.

Firstly, the terrain of the new competitive landscape has increased the performance pressure and job insecurities to which senior management are subjected. Secondly, executives and senior managers play key roles in the creation of economic benefits and wealth, not only for themselves and their families, but also for a wide range of beneficiaries throughout our entire society. Thirdly, there are a variety of economic and organisational risks and costs associated with executive and managerial disability and death, for which a wide range of stakeholders could pay a significant price.

The LifeAssist Executive Wellbeing Assessment includes:

  • A comprehensive medical and lifestyle assessment, monitoring and appropriate advice regarding intervention.
  • Facilitates ongoing monitoring and tracking of both the individual and the group, and individual risk stratification allows focused and appropriate ongoing intervention.
  • Is delivered by a national network of medical practitioners in all the major centres who have specialised expertise and experience in the area of preventative health and wellness. Most of these medical professionals have more than a decade of experience in managing the health of business leaders and top professional sports people in South Africa.