The company’s anonymous, aggregated health risk assessment data showed that, as in many companies, stress, mental health, and behavioral health conditions were a focus of American Express employees, and employees indicated that they were looking for support in these areas.
Originally, the company offered a telephone-only EAP that had a utilization rate in-line with the national average of approximately 4%. By adding onsite professionals for free, face-to-face counseling sessions in regional wellness centers in the United States, and rebranding the EAP as part of the “Healthy Living” program, covering lifestyle, safety, and disease management, utilization more than doubled. “At American Express we take a holistic approach to wellness,” explains David Kasiarz, senior vice president of Global Talent, Rewards and Learning. “By integrating our healthcare, mental well-being, and financial wellness initiatives, we have created a comprehensive benefits program that has had both a profound and positive impact on the company and our employees.” Read more >