LifeAssist aspires to recognition as:

  • The leading provider of innovative employee wellbeing solutions in Africa, that is integral to enhancing the Employee Value Proposition, stimulating employee engagement and mitigating health and lifestyle risks.
  • An organisation that combines a head for business with a heart for the community to develop and sustain Enterprise Development and Corporate Social Responsibility projects, within our circle of influence.
  • As a highly effective organisation, it is our mission to continue to evolve and be acknowledged as:
    An employer of choice – attracting and retaining best of breed professionals.
  • A dependable leading provider of innovative and dependable corporate wellness solutions in Africa.
  • The engineers of ingenious IT systems with customised functionality to accommodate the complexities of bespoke client programmes, and to ensure streamlined service delivery.
  • Having an insatiable appetite for change – challenging industry norms, explore and implement better ways to make a difference in to individuals, corporations and society.

The success of the company is channelled into skills development, job creation, technological advancement, research and corporate social investment.

 Our values lie in our people, client and confidentiality.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our business. If we break trust and breach confidentiality, the damage to our business would be profound. We take confidentiality VERY SERIOUSLY as we are ethically bound to uphold confidentiality