LifeAssist Financial Wellness provides a unique Financial Counselling service that encompasses both a front end (training) as well as a back end (financial wellness call centre) solution that therefore is comprehensive in nature. The services are customized around each employee as they use their own personal information which further enhances and optimizes their engagement into the process. We have the ability and knowledge to negotiate with our client creditors and arrange reasonable payments on monthly basis. This intervention is aimed at rehabilitating our clients so that they can be credit worthy.

Our skilled team of call centre agents process all applications and treat your information as highly confidential.

All our specialist are registered with the National Credit Regulator and adhere to the national Credit Act and NCR regulations. We do not offer financial advice.


The LifeAssist Financial Counselling Care Call Centre assists F3 members with financial counselling relating to financial literacy.

This service provides F3 members with the ability to obtain counselling on financial matters that is impartial and is geared to assisting on a wide range of financial literacy topics such as:-

– The importance of Financial Budgeting
– Setting up and maintaining a Financial Budget
– Income versus Expenditure
– Types of Expenditure

It is important to note that this service does not replace financial advisors or brokers but is centred more towards financial literacy through financial counselling.


Debt management provides an interactive system which empowers F3 members to start taking control of their financial position and thereby improving their awareness, self-discipline and overall control through the following mechanisms:-

– Understanding Debt Principles
– Efficient Management of Debt
– Consolidation of Debt
– Financial Goal-setting


F3 members can request their own personal ITC check once a year, through the LifeAssist Financial Wellness care call centre, by providing the following:-

– Identity number
– Full Names and Surname
– Email address or Fax number

Apart from providing the report to F3 members, our telephonic financial wellness counsellors will also be able to assist members with the interpretation and understanding of the ITC report.